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Since 2010, we have developed online resources and solutions that provide our communities with simple, quick access supporting their healthcare needs. Through Black Doctors Ohio, we offer:

  • Find a Doctor
  • Health News & Information
  • Health Care Resources

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Receive access to our targeted audience and let us connect your services to our communities.

To inquire about becoming a partner, please provide your contact information and any further questions or comments you may have.

Corporate Partners

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is a Managed Care Plan in the state of Ohio, partnered with Black Doctors Columbus Ohio to ensure our communities are provided with the health benefits they need to improve the health and wellness of those in the African-American community. Our partnership has aligned the black doctors network of health providers, opening the door for UHCCP patients to easily locate health providers they desire to be connected with.

National Medical Association Ohio

National Medical Association Columbus, Ohio Affiliate (NMA) is an organization created “to advance the art and science of medicine for people of African descent.” Their mission is to provide a forum in which the African-American health care professionals in Central Ohio will be offered equal opportunities within the medical field. We collaboratively recruit members and significantly expand the combined network, creating a footprint that will effectively represent the African-American health care professionals in Central Ohio.

Our Babies Count

Our Babies Count is a movement to let everyone know too many Ohio babies are dying. We help to increase the awareness of this public health crisis by supporting their message and goals. This issue is prevelant in the African-American community with 3x more black babies dying than white babies.

Stynchula Family Foundation

The Stynchula Family Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission of continuing to raise funds to support the treatment and research for children with autism, as well as to expand into supporting other causes that could enhance children's lives. In collaboration with Black Doctors Ohio, Stynchula Family Foundation is working to spread awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder for the African-American community in Ohio, developing solutions to support this rapidly growing condition in children.



Gerri Collier

african-american consumer

"I went to the Black Doctors Columbus Ohio website and found 2 doctors for my needs!"


Melveena Edwards, PhD

facebook posting

“...I appreciate your efforts and cause for the community!"

 Eric Ward, MD

Eric S. Ward, MD


“Black Doctors Ohio connects African-American physicians to the community and to each other in a unique and exciting way that empowers us all. This resource will improve the level of health care access and delivery in our community.”

 George Barnett, MD

George Barnett, MD

family physician

“With the additional resources and support offered by Black Doctors Ohio, I feel that we have an excellent opportunity to create a network that will not only benefit the African-American health care professionals, but our communities as well.”

 Gina Love-Walker, MD

Gina Love-Walker, MD

internal medicine

“It is very helpful to have a centralized site for those seeking the medical services of an African-American health care provider. It has been my experience that a number of patients desire care from a health professional who shares some of their cultural experiences and can more personally relate to their health challenges and experiences. Black Doctors Ohio is a valuable resource for patients in the community, and can be a helpful tool for clinicians as well.”

 George Calloway, MD

George Calloway, Jr, MD


“I have seen the unfair treatment that African-American patients have received, often being served in a patronizing and condescending way. I feel what Black Doctors Columbus Ohio has done in creating this network of African-American doctors is impacting the manner in which our community is being served. BDCO is facilitating the ability for us to provide the level of care that African-Americans deserve to receive.”

 Larry DeVese, DDS

Larry DeVese, DDS


“My experience as a member of Black Doctors Ohio has created definitive exposure for my dental practice and has assisted us in acquiring new patients.”

 Robin Newburn, MD

Robin Newburn, MD

family physician

“I enjoyed participating in the Black Doctors’ event. It was a great way to connect with the community and bring culturally relevant health issues to the forefront for meaningful dialogue. I look forward participating in future events.”

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